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Really like her fluffy hair which looks very sexy in the backlight – shoot with a 500mm lens. Loss of innocenceLia-May at the Beach ClubBodypaintingBerlin Harbour


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Wet Sunset on Corfu

Last set this day. The model do it again and again¬†for the right backward swing. The film in the camera rolling like a moviecam to catch the golden moment. And here it is: Sunset on Corfu – starring: Model Franzi¬† – secondary role: the Sun – supporting part: the Water – directed by: Mik Artic […]

Pussy Noir

Caution: This body is slippery when wet ! In the HeatSanja BlueoutNaked NatureKaleidoscope


In the middle of the shooting, a group of pathfinder cross the way. Their leader ignore us, but the boys behind get big, wide eyes. Later Diana joke about the boys and their wet dreams tonight. Diana – you are a bad girl……. Hand in HandSnapshotAlira AstroPeach broken tooth