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Really like her fluffy hair which looks very sexy in the backlight – shoot with a 500mm lens. Moist DeltaSanja MaticeFashion Model AnnaHand in Hand


Susana Spears Nylon StoreKerstinaLoss of innocenceRubber Lady Josephine

Wet Sunset on Corfu

Last set this day. The model do it again and again¬†for the right backward swing. The film in the camera rolling like a moviecam to catch the golden moment. And here it is: Sunset on Corfu – starring: Model Franzi¬† – secondary role: the Sun – supporting part: the Water – directed by: Mik Kelly […]

Pussy Noir

Caution: This body is slippery when wet ! Red GalaxyRed Red RedSnapshotSNOW FLURRY


In the middle of the shooting, a group of pathfinder cross the way. Their leader ignore us, but the boys behind get big, wide eyes. Later Diana joke about the boys and their wet dreams tonight. Diana – you are a bad girl……. CHINESE JANINERed GalaxyMoist DeltaBlue Back