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Kelly Norton

Kelly Norton HighRes pictures and video – get it here Go Hand in Hand 2009Manga GirlPussy NoirSanja

Emotion by Motion

Exposure time: one second – camera on tripod – model dressed with transparent cloth. I said to Stefanie “Please don`t move ! Any motion take your body out of focus. The only thing in motion is the satin cloth and this is my job”. So I activated the self-timer , that gave me 10 sec. to reach the best pull-position. We […]

Rubber Lady Josephine

Rubber Lady Josephine – she is a real fetish slave and nymphomaniac – so she opend a own S/M studio and get “two in one” – men and money. Her special: guys with more than 25cm get all for free at their birthday. No joke – she have a tape measure only for d…..  -  strange […]

Susana Spears

See through the rock and watch Susana Spears nude perfomance. A dream becomes true for some wanderer in these spanish rocks. They stop for a speechless moment and continue their walk without any word and reaction. I am curios what kind of story they tell to other people – sure a sexy fairytale about ten naked amazones - hunting a […]