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Erotic Face

Stef – one of the most sensual face -  I love to work with her. Red LillyLia-May at the Beach ClubSanja MaticeNature


If ever a angel come down to earth to perform miracles and noble deeds, it should look like this girl. At least this is my power of imagination. Go Hand in Hand 2009Miss BodyBerlin HarbourBondage

Stef Blue Eyes

Foto-graphic of a beautiful face. Her real colour of eyes is green – the hair is red and I tought she need a freshup…. Ashley Robbins – DDSanja BlueoutSundialKiss After

The girl and the lens

Shoot this set with my old Nikon 85mm portrait lens. I don`t use this lens for a long time , because it is a non-autofocus. Some day I try some special and polished the first glas with abrasive fabric. The result is a soft and sharphen image – very effectfull in combination with a f-stop of […]

Life Lines

My goal is: not to show people with destruction, rather the skin under the skin – the real self. There is no plan, no draft by creating the images. I have a pool of structures, on the other hand there are faces, bodies or parts of it. So I start to combinate the pictures - no idea about the result at […]

lovely Anna

A amazing portrait of lovely Anna. She always have a smile in her face. To meet her is like sunrise in the morning. The touch of her skin – the smell of her body - I shall never forget. We stay together on Majorca for a week. It was the last – never see her again.  Au Revoir, my Dear……..

Noemi – fine art fetish

This is a dark portrait of Noemi. When she entered the photostudio, I know immediately this girl is inspiration. We had a very creative shooting together and the results are finest nude art fetish.