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New picture of Janine-May DasaTriciaNoemi – art fetishThanksgiving 2.0


KerstinaAshley Robbins love AnnaCorfu SunsetSusana Spears


NatureJeannette StudioCorfu SunsetCHINESE JANINE


Pigment Print on handmade paper | 20lbs | image of the  “Real Self” series In the HeatWienerwaldMiss BodyCHINESE JANINE

Whitecaps God

Like a Tower of Strength – invulnerable – deathless – a colossal statue of the greek mythology – Hades can wait. SanjaSanja BlueoutMiracle CrossDasa

Go Hand in Hand 2009

Go Hand in Hand in 2009 – Happy New Year Elfinno name girl in the forbidden castleBlue MermaidRedchrome Boots



SM has many facets pleasing me. It is the high art of seduction, my game with power and lust. I am your light and your darkness. I’m not only an unapprochable and untouchable Domina, I’m also your witch making your blood boil! I live my passion with all my soul. WienerwaldBackstage VideoAlira AstroJanine-May

Under Wraps

Okay – let me disenchant the mystification: on the head she wear a cardboard cane – the black cloth is 100% synthetic – the model is a lovely girl. Only the location was a bit spooky – a limestone shaft furnance near Berlin | inoperative since 1967.  And a fox came very close, watch us a while and disappeared. Loss […]

Body and Bark

Real Self – a combination of body and bark.

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