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New picture of Janine-May Raylene RichardsJanine-MayMiss BodyBerlin Harbour


Lia-May at the Beach ClubPeach broken toothSusana SpearsBlue Mermaid


The girl and the lensWet Sunset on Corfudirty Lilly – nude in publicTill Time Do Us Part


Pigment Print on handmade paper | 20lbs | image of the  “Real Self” series NatureWindFragileRacing Girl

Whitecaps God

Like a Tower of Strength – invulnerable – deathless – a colossal statue of the greek mythology – Hades can wait. ShebirdKelly NortonCrashed Paper Plastic Doll

Go Hand in Hand 2009

Go Hand in Hand in 2009 – Happy New Year Jana Cova RumbleLia-May at the Beach ClubStraussbergAngel



SM has many facets pleasing me. It is the high art of seduction, my game with power and lust. I am your light and your darkness. I’m not only an unapprochable and untouchable Domina, I’m also your witch making your blood boil! I live my passion with all my soul. Crashed Paper Raylene RichardsStef ColorationBanana […]

Under Wraps

Okay – let me disenchant the mystification: on the head she wear a cardboard cane – the black cloth is 100% synthetic – the model is a lovely girl. Only the location was a bit spooky – a limestone shaft furnance near Berlin | inoperative since 1967.  And a fox came very close, watch us a while and disappeared. DasaMaking […]

Body and Bark

Real Self – a combination of body and bark.

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