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Really like her fluffy hair which looks very sexy in the backlight – shoot with a 500mm lens. Ashley Robbins – DDMiracle CrossPeach – Tongue meets nippleSanja Matice

Crazy Chickas

  Fashion Model AnnaThe girl and the lensBanana BabesSundial

Susana Spears Nylon Store

Watch Susana Spears HighRes pictures and Video here Blue MermaidKay-KayMaking AliveNaked Nature

Motor Girls

Motor Girls is a open series – composings of  old engines and erotic girls.  Highclass BreastsBlue MermaidIn the HeatErotic Star Susana Spears

Hand in Hand

We shoot this set in a mine – very close to a crag. This was quite dangerous, because the models run into danger of falling rocks. Everything gone fine – the stones don`t create a bloodbath. Janine-MayChristmas is comingErotic FaceRacing Girl


Stef Blue EyesDasaOiled and NakedChristmas is coming

Lia-May at the Beach Club

Lia-May at the BeachClub in St.Tropez – we searching for the nudist beach and ask a man on the beach the way to go. He was the boss of a legendary beach-club and invite us for shooting there. Walk together with naked girls give free reign to man[y] things.   AngelWANTED | DNA S/N.33BO44RN2K88ILLElfinKiss After

Smoking Hot Girl

Smoking hot girl Lucy – we shoot this set in a smaller photostudio. After ten minutes we need a break, because the air was full of smoke and no chance to take a clear photo of Lucy. Children playing outside and open the windows was not possible, because the studio was located in the first […]

Christmas is coming

Naked girls in a cold, snowy landscape – there is drama queen alert. After 5 minutes Magdalena tremble from head to foot and I allowed her wearing a coat. This was my good deed for this day - basicly I`m a bad monster maniac shooter  charitable man. This post was inspirated by the first fucking cold day in […]

Highclass Breasts

I had many girls in front of my camera lenses, but such a kind of Highclass Breasts are rare. Together with her blue eyes and the blonde hair is Pam a feast for the eyes. In my language this is also called The Three B`s Lady in CyInterview with Mik HartmannFrozen SculptureJanine-May