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Really like her fluffy hair which looks very sexy in the backlight – shoot with a 500mm lens. Blue MermaidStoneMost Sensual FaceMaking Alive

Crazy Chickas

  naked Lady SandraWindStef Blue EyesBlack Waterpearls

Susana Spears Nylon Store

Watch Susana Spears HighRes pictures and Video here Red GalaxyTwo Fetish GirlsCHINESE JANINERubber Lady Josephine

Motor Girls

Motor Girls is a open series – composings of  old engines and erotic girls.  no name girl in the forbidden castleMiss BodyGo Hand in Hand 2009Stone

Hand in Hand

We shoot this set in a mine – very close to a crag. This was quite dangerous, because the models run into danger of falling rocks. Everything gone fine – the stones don`t create a bloodbath. Lia-May at the Beach ClubPetplayBanana BabesTricia


Erotic Star Susana SpearsVroniUnder WrapsTattoo and Piercing

Lia-May at the Beach Club

Lia-May at the BeachClub in St.Tropez – we searching for the nudist beach and ask a man on the beach the way to go. He was the boss of a legendary beach-club and invite us for shooting there. Walk together with naked girls give free reign to man[y] things.   CorsageAlira AstroOiled and NakedStef Blue Eyes

Smoking Hot Girl

Smoking hot girl Lucy – we shoot this set in a smaller photostudio. After ten minutes we need a break, because the air was full of smoke and no chance to take a clear photo of Lucy. Children playing outside and open the windows was not possible, because the studio was located in the first […]

Christmas is coming

Naked girls in a cold, snowy landscape – there is drama queen alert. After 5 minutes Magdalena tremble from head to foot and I allowed her wearing a coat. This was my good deed for this day - basicly I`m a bad monster maniac shooter  charitable man. This post was inspirated by the first fucking cold day in […]

Highclass Breasts

I had many girls in front of my camera lenses, but such a kind of Highclass Breasts are rare. Together with her blue eyes and the blonde hair is Pam a feast for the eyes. In my language this is also called The Three B`s Ride to HeavenTriciaRed Red RedStone