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early work

Miss Body

Jade is Miss Body, Miss Fitness, Miss Workout – whatever you need to get a body such hers. We worked together in a french villa. I put a small 20$ slave flash into the basin to create this wonderfull backlight. Really love it to work with this small flashes and placed them in the set. The result […]

Photo Quickie

Last day of the shooting week. The housekeeper was a friendly man and let me use another Villa on the same ground. So Janine-May and me had a photographic quickie together. I only let my finger on the shutter button and hunt her through the rooms. Janine-May – cool as always – Thank you, Janine-May, for this […]

Janine-May – british topmodel

This is Janine-May – a british topmodel. Her carreer begans as a dancer in a show. She toured in Portugal, Morocco, Japan and many more. I take this picture of her in St. Raphael / Cote de Azur – it was a hot afternoon and Janine-May enjoy this cold refreshment. She move her perfect body in […]