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Loss of innocence

oh God,  I remeber this day like yesterday – it was a hot sunday – 30 degrees + – perfect to shoot with water. The waterpearls on her flawless skin drive me horny – step by step – and of course, she became aware of it. Suddenly she ask for the toilet and on her […]

Bittersweet Angel

It is something of the most thrilling things existing… Usually you are always the Gentleman, the tough one, the leader!!? Do you know what you are missing? How terrific it is to hand yourself to the hands of a woman who will make your most secret wishes and imaginations come true?? We are going to […]


A real authentic looking bondage don`t fit the body – bondage ties up the bodyparts very strong. We shoot this scene with a skilled bondage master and stop after 30 minutes to avoid circulation problems. Three rules for shooting bondage: work with a skilled operator, make very short sessions and never leave a bound person alone. Corfu SunsetArt […]

Red Galaxy

Arachne protect the Red Galaxy with her titan clawfingers. She is a master of martial arts – the only way to win is not to fight. Bittersweet AngelLady in CyFrench ModelPussy Noir

Redhead Tattoo

A fetish image of Gloria and her extraordinary tattoo`s SnapshotRacing GirlFashion Model AnnaShine a Sun

Tattoo and Piercing

Layla`s personal fetish are sharp needles. Where we cry for pain, she shouted out for highest excitement. Engrave a tattoo and nipple piercing is a plesure for Layla. I know her for a long time and she is really lovely, but her bizzare fetish is not my world. Redhead TattooRacing GirlSanjaPlastic Doll

Stefani Love Chair

Stefani Love Chair – she is one of these sweet, blonde girlish-face hotties with a little tight body, always hard-nipples tiny breasts and velvety-soft skin.  One of these girls where your brain switch off and the balls become master. Under this circumstances I do a brilliant job and after we shoot a little bit…………phogra`s and models – a never ending story. […]


Sometimes I work for a Domina Studio ( as photographer ) and learn a lot of new things. This situation above is called Petplay. The lady explain to me: Human animal roleplay (also called petplay, ponyplay, dogplay or pup-play) is a form of erotic sexual role-play, where one or more of the participants takes on the role […]

Marketa Belonoha

Marketa Belonoha – erotic topmodel   Interview with Mik HartmannRed GalaxyAttic LoveBlack Waterpearls

Two Fetish Girls

Two Fetish Girls     Lady Layla kiss her bizzare Angel Magdalena in a monochrome cyan styled image. Whitecaps God Corfu SunsetFallen NatureBerlin Harbour

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