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Dirty Dirty Dirty

While taken this picture their 2years old son scramble throug mud and had lot of fun.  Dirty ideas – dirty games – dirty play – Everbody becomes dirty Now he grows up and have no memory to these old days.  Maybe time for a dirty remind………… Attic LoveTattoo and PiercingErotic Star Susana SpearsRubber Lady Josephine

Go Hand in Hand 2009

Go Hand in Hand in 2009 – Happy New Year Lady in CyDasaSmoking Hot GirlInterview with Mik Hartmann

Ashley in love with Anna

Ashley in love with Anna  -  WATCH THE TRAILER  -  GET THE FULL VIDEO

Attic Love

A romantic scene in the attic of my atelier. The girls never meet before, but they act together in deep harmony. Under WrapsJanine-May Making AliveShebird

In the Heat

Sabrina and Carl: a real couple. I tell them: “Do it as usual” And they do it as usual - also the mosquitos turned red. What a day ! Raylene RichardsWindThe girl and the lensSNOW FLURRY


Snapshot of two nice hotties before they did much more dirty things…………….. DianaDasaCaningStone

Kiss After

Go Hand in Hand 2009Most Sensual FaceNoemi – art fetishBlue Back

Hand in Hand

We shoot this set in a mine – very close to a crag. This was quite dangerous, because the models run into danger of falling rocks. Everything gone fine – the stones don`t create a bloodbath. Loss of innocenceElfinErotic Star Susana SpearsWind

Banana Babes

Three Bananas  -  Two Girls  -  One Photographer  !  But………..Where is the third Banana ? What happend before ? Did anyone survive ? An unsolved Mystery………………be continued Banana Babes - a pictorial of two girls alone at home. Motor GirlsJacuzziMoist DeltaBodypainting

Two Fetish Girls

Two Fetish Girls     Lady Layla kiss her bizzare Angel Magdalena in a monochrome cyan styled image. Blue MermaidKay-KayArt Deco GirlChristmas is coming

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