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no name girl in the forbidden castle

Taken in a french castle with the forbidden name – indeed, I signed a paper that don`t allow to publish the name of the castle. Also strange: writing this post I also don`t remember the name of the girl above. She is from Dutch, near Amsterdam, styling hair for money and had a affair with […]

Sanja Matice

Vienna supermodel Sanja – we make this pictures in a castle – I don`t remember the name. But if you ever stay in Vienna you will be surprised of the wide range of castles and palaces in the capital of Austria. Thanksgiving 2.0Janine-MayShebirdRedhead Tattoo

naked Lady Sandra

Lady Sandra - lookalike a Queen in a 15th century castle. We shoot in a original sleeping room with old furniture and I used nettle on the flash to get a soft and golden backlight. But I forgot to switch off the setting light and the flash becomes hotter and hotter. Suddenly a smell of burned cloth […]