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Oiled and NakedErotic FaceRaylene RichardsStraussberg

Docker Girl

Docker Girl – a image of the | Real Self  | series <| real self |>   fusion of natural structures and human skin


Body and Bark

Real Self – a combination of body and bark.

Britney Stone-Taped

Stonewashed photosculpture of a sexy girl named Britney. I create this image after my relationship with her come to the end – please note the stone-taped  mouth – quite silence.

Shades of Colour

Square sixfold with different shades of colour – [ The Real Self ] LIMITED EDITION OF: 5, SIGNED COLOUR PHOTOGRAPH  100x100cm [ 40x40 inch ]                                                price 1700 $  Please contact me for details :  info[at]nude4art.com

Emotion by Motion

Exposure time: one second – camera on tripod – model dressed with transparent cloth. I said to Stefanie “Please don`t move ! Any motion take your body out of focus. The only thing in motion is the satin cloth and this is my job”. So I activated the self-timer , that gave me 10 sec. to reach the best pull-position. We […]


Lia-May in Real Self – a symbiose of wooden elements and lovely Lia-May Click the picture to watch Lia-May pure and natural at Ramatuelle, the beach of St.Tropez / Côte d’Azur

Life Lines

My goal is: not to show people with destruction, rather the skin under the skin – the real self. There is no plan, no draft by creating the images. I have a pool of structures, on the other hand there are faces, bodies or parts of it. So I start to combinate the pictures - no idea about the result at […]