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Crashed Paper

Pigment print in crash technique on handmade paper from Nepal | 20 lbs Ride to HeavenSanja BlueoutErotic FaceManga Girl

Lady in Cy

BondageCaningWET BACKKay-Kay

Art Deco Girl

Alira AstroErotic Star Susana SpearsCrashed Paper Sanja


JacuzziTriciaLady in CyBlue Back

Veil of Mystery

         Pigment print on handmade paper from Nepal | 20 lbs

Get off the Water

Pigment print in watercolours technique on handmade paper from Nepal | 20 lbs


Siesta - sun shine through the triangle of the living figure we shaped out of clay. Everybody was naked on this very small island in front of the greek coast. A couple swam to another island and disappeared for  hours. The sun burned without mercy - to protected our skin we plastered each other with mud. It was a high erotic situation […]


Black Waterpearls

This image is a scan of Kodachrome 25 filmstrip. The sharpness and high resolution of this positive film was extraordinarily good. Even so I use this film very seldom – the development was always a critical factor. But if everything worked together, the results are phantastic. ElfinPhoto QuickieTill Time Do Us PartJanine-May

Body and Bark

Real Self – a combination of body and bark.

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