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New picture of Janine-May ElfinREDSusana SpearsArt Deco Girl


Meet Vroni as teen – she was eighteen and will become an international pornstar. But nobody know that at this time. She work daily for years and earns a lot, lot, lot of bucks – enough to buy  own flats. But she blow out her money to be in glamour, for guys and drugs – […]

Loss of innocence

oh God,  I remeber this day like yesterday – it was a hot sunday – 30 degrees + – perfect to shoot with water. The waterpearls on her flawless skin drive me horny – step by step – and of course, she became aware of it. Suddenly she ask for the toilet and on her […]

Dirty Dirty Dirty

While taken this picture their 2years old son scramble throug mud and had lot of fun.  Dirty ideas – dirty games – dirty play – Everbody becomes dirty Now he grows up and have no memory to these old days.  Maybe time for a dirty remind………… Snapshotdirty Lilly – nude in publicPetplayShebird

no name girl in the forbidden castle

Taken in a french castle with the forbidden name – indeed, I signed a paper that don`t allow to publish the name of the castle. Also strange: writing this post I also don`t remember the name of the girl above. She is from Dutch, near Amsterdam, styling hair for money and had a affair with […]


Really like her fluffy hair which looks very sexy in the backlight – shoot with a 500mm lens. Susana SpearsArt Deco GirlBittersweet AngelMiss Body

Crashed Paper

Pigment print in crash technique on handmade paper from Nepal | 20 lbs Lady in CyJanine-MayWANTED | DNA S/N.33BO44RN2K88ILLStraussberg

Lady in Cy

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early work


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