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Entirely Different

Ann is the most creative model I worked with. She is a artist and her posing was in another way – entirely different | rephrased | dissenting Jeannette StudioCHINESE JANINEChristmas is comingnaked Lady Sandra

Kiss After

Ride to HeavenStraussbergBackstage VideoFragile


Oiled and NakedStef ColorationDasaMaking Alive

Ride to Heaven

Highclass BreastsJanine-MayBackstage VideoJeannette Studio

Miracle Cross

 Did you see the third face ? And the fourth ? And all the others……………. Plastic DollLoss of innocenceAlira AstroWind


Framed  Black&White  Image of Russian girl Helena.


I said to Kerstina: Dance, Dance, Dance          I set the exposure time to 3~4 seconds and let the sheer coincidence a chance. That is a large part of my artistic work: eXpect the uneXpect ! Fallen NatureStef ColorationStefani Love ChairWienerwald

Docker Girl

Docker Girl – a image of the | Real Self  | series <| real self |>   fusion of natural structures and human skin

Motor Girls

Motor Girls is a open series – composings of  old engines and erotic girls.  Peach broken toothErotic FaceWet Sunset on CorfuRacing Girl

Hand in Hand

We shoot this set in a mine – very close to a crag. This was quite dangerous, because the models run into danger of falling rocks. Everything gone fine – the stones don`t create a bloodbath. Manga GirlSanja MaticeNaked NatureLady in Cy

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