Monthly Archives September 2008

Britney Stone-Taped

Stonewashed photosculpture of a sexy girl named Britney. I create this image after my relationship with her come to the end – please note the stone-taped  mouth – quite silence.

Ashley Robbins & Anna

New wallpaper – Ashley Robbins & Anna  -  get it here

Shine a Sun

Shine a sun - Great view of Janine-May`s back in a natural light. The sunlight was falling through a circular window above the the door and create a reflection zone on the floor. There is no flashlight, no floodlight – only the reflection from the floor make this shine on Janine-May`s body – I love this kind of […]

Tattoo and Piercing

Layla`s personal fetish are sharp needles. Where we cry for pain, she shouted out for highest excitement. Engrave a tattoo and nipple piercing is a plesure for Layla. I know her for a long time and she is really lovely, but her bizzare fetish is not my world. Two Fetish GirlsJanine-May VroniRedchrome Boots

Shades of Colour

Square sixfold with different shades of colour – [ The Real Self ] LIMITED EDITION OF: 5, SIGNED COLOUR PHOTOGRAPH  100x100cm [ 40x40 inch ]                                                price 1700 $  Please contact me for details :  info[at]

Stefani Love Chair

Stefani Love Chair – she is one of these sweet, blonde girlish-face hotties with a little tight body, always hard-nipples tiny breasts and velvety-soft skin.  One of these girls where your brain switch off and the balls become master. Under this circumstances I do a brilliant job and after we shoot a little bit…………phogra`s and models – a never ending story. […]


Sometimes I work for a Domina Studio ( as photographer ) and learn a lot of new things. This situation above is called Petplay. The lady explain to me: Human animal roleplay (also called petplay, ponyplay, dogplay or pup-play) is a form of erotic sexual role-play, where one or more of the participants takes on the role […]

The girl and the lens

Shoot this set with my old Nikon 85mm portrait lens. I don`t use this lens for a long time , because it is a non-autofocus. Some day I try some special and polished the first glas with abrasive fabric. The result is a soft and sharphen image – very effectfull in combination with a f-stop of […]

Marketa Belonoha

Marketa Belonoha – erotic topmodel   Artic WinterREDOiled and NakedRubber Lady Josephine

French Model

French model Zina show her sexy back. The lightning situation in this room was very low. So I built some reflectors outside to get the sunlight into the set. The result was this wonderfull light. But I need a permanent justage of the reflectors, because sun move, wind blow and clouds cover - hard work to […]